Garland Idea for your Christmas Tree

So, I know I’m a little late with this post but the Holidays where crazy as usual around here! We ended up getting our “real” tree about two week late this year! In fact, the place we normally go to was sold out! We pulled up and it was the perfect night it just started snowing and wasn’t freezing. It was almost closing time when we got there and I said to my husband Oh they must of put the trees in for the night. Yeah, right! Seriously, they had 3 trees left and one looked like Charlie Browns Christmas tree and the other two were too tall and odd shaped! I wanted to cry! Having a real tree at Christmas is a must for me! So we pack up and head back home with no tree {insert sad face} . We did end up getting real tree the next night and a different tree lot and it was just perfect! I did pick up a new Charlie Brown Tree for decoration this year – so cute sitting on the piano (see picture below).

This year I tried something new for garland. I bought holiday ribbon at Hobby Lobby and I cut it into strips. As you can see from the example below the strip length was just random. I cut enough that i could make loops at both ends and then enough that I could wrap through the tree. Sorry the actual tree photo’s are not better! The tree was a little over 6 feet tall and I made about 20 or so ribbons. Once you have your ribbons made start from the top of the tree and work down. Place one loop on a top branch and S weave the ribbon into the tree and then place the bottom loop on the next branch. I would recommend doing this before your put your ornaments on! This year I was in my great debate of what to use for garland so my tree was decorated when I started this! Next, year this will be the 2nd task on the tree decorating list after the lights!

Example of how I cut the ribbon and how to make the loops at each end. I just used a stapler to secure the loops. When I hung them on the tree I just “S”‘ weaved them in the tree just like writing the letter S.

Any questions about this feel free to ask!!

quick picture of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree I bought this year! My daughter just loved it!
P.S. – Sorry for the wrinkled curtains in the background! I just bought new curtains and on today’s to do list is to steam the curtains! 😉


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