The next chapter

The next chapter – this is exactly what I am in? The next chapter of my life! So last week on Thursday, I learned that I lost my job?! Boo…. well boo that we lost the 2nd income – yeah that I can finally move on! My last job was a transition job from losing my job of 8 years almost 2 years ago! I thought it would be great change to work for a smaller company well not for this one! This was probably my worst job in 15 years but it was a job and I gave it 110% of myself everyday! So sad that the economy is still a mess and my goal was to find a new job before I was faced with unemployment again! Tough place to be with a family and a kid in preschool. Sounds easy … pull the kid out of school save the $600 dollars a month? Really, it doesn’t work that way – I wish! So, option 1 is to go 2 days a week to hold her spot and drop down to zero days if we can’t keep it up. Ugghh, so as I look for a new job I also have to keep daycare open so I can interview? So many things to think about?! So my plan as a I look for new employment is to work on marketing my online store that I started back in 2008. If you are reading this and following my story please stop by and visit us at The 2nd thing I am going to do is enjoy my time with my 3 year old while I can be at home a little more! The 3rd item on my list is to organize my house and get ready for the holidays, and 4th but not least work on all my craft projects! Craft or household project number one is going to be paint my old twin bed for my daughter and put her in a big girl bed hopefully by Thanksgiving!

So stayed tuned -You will see me blogging a lot more now that I have free time!

Things I am going to work on – Christmas gifts, monthly meal calendar , and kids craft projects!


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