Where in the World is Amy?

Where in the World is………….Amy?!

I feel like I have been gone forever! It’s been long enough but as Matt Lauer from the Today show does the Where in the World is Matt Lauer, I figured this was a good title for my first blog post in a month! So let’s see September from labor was hectic for me! My job was is very over whelming and lots of new projects on my plate that unfortunately have taken me away from things that I enjoy! Hopefully, in two years by the time my daughter enters kindergarten and I can have Lillian Aerin up and running and can be my full time income. In the mean time, I continue to work FT outside the home.

Here’s what we were up to in September

Labor – we visited the local fair. Lilly loved it and had a blast! It was nice just to be out and putting work behind me for a few hours. Here are some pictures from the Fair.

Why is everything at a fair fried? This is a picture of an elephant ear …… fried dough with a little cinnamon and sugar?! Who knew that you could sell that for 5.00 and people will buy it? We did!LOL

Lilly posing in the Pete the Penguin from YSU at the fair. Mommy’s college Alma mater and they had these adorable cut outs of the mascots for the kids. Well I guess adults could have posed in them but you would of had to get on your knees!

Picture from the pig barn. This year she loved going to see all the animals and we went early enough that we missed the crowds! šŸ˜‰

And then after the fair it was the start of Preschool! Where did the past 3 years go!?


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