Garage Sale!!

{picture of our neighborhood sale and people just walking around}

It’s over! Yeah, what a long day but beautiful day for our neighborhood garage sale! Today, we actually hit over 80 degrees and it actually felt like summer out there!! We had over 40 homes in our development participate and my husband and I were able to get rid of lots of clutter and unwanted toys and childrens clothing. Garage sales just amaze me! The oddest things sell and things you think would sell don’t!?! I really thought with the crappy economy that more clothes would sell especially all of my daughters clothes! I mean I’m talking I had The Children’s Place, Gymboree, carters, old navy outfits and priced at .50-2.00 for the first few hours and nothing?! Oh well, I ended up donated all my clothes after the sale to charity because if it qualified for the garage sale my rule was it was not coming back into the house!! So here are a few pictures from today and a few pictures of my finds!

{my sale}

So here is my find for my mud room that is going to become our shoe storage!! My idea is to give this a fresh coat of stain and then make a cushion for the top and put under our coat rack! I’m so excited about this because the other picture is of all the shoes of how the end up all over the floor! Yuck… drives me crazy!

{my find =)}

My 2nd find were these adorable ice cream parlor chairs! I have no idea what I am going to do with them but I could not pass them up! So my chairs ended up costing $14.00 and my shoe bench – well soon to be only cost me $10.00! So even with my purchases we still ended up making a little over 150.00 dollars today! Not bad for getting a little sun and hanging out with some neighbors! Oh and yes I got some sun! Could be paying for that one later!

{ahh how cute are my chairs!!}

So any suggestions on my finds or ideas pleases comment! I would love to hear your ideas!!



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