Frustrations of working Full Time & being a Mom!!

Happy Monday!
As I write this I’m coming to the end of my “lunch break” and sit here so frustrated because I need to take my daughter into the Dr’s today but the appointment time they gave me doesn’t work with my Monday afternoon. My husband commutes about 1 hour each way so for him to get back he would need to take a 1/2 day. So I just hung up the phone with the Dr’s and had to cancel the appointment because I have a 4:00 meeting. What is so frustrating is that now tomorrow I have to call back and see if there is a standing sick appointment for us to take so I can get her in tomorrow. I wish I could find a pediatrician office that would allow you to schedule the appointment but no the girl told me I need to call back in tomorrow – really what is the difference? I really hate working FT and trying to juggle a family. I love being a Mom but just wish I was my own boss and in total control! I typically have a lot of flexibility with my work hours as I work form home but days meetings and trainings are scheduled I’m stuck! I’m hoping tomorrow the time they give me works with my scheduled if not I’m going to have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that Nana can take her for us!

Ever feel frustrated as a full time working mom?


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