Tie Dye Birthday Cake

Really, I do more things that just make birthday cakes! But June is a big Birthday month in our house! June 1st is Daddy’s birthday and 6th is my daughter Lilly’s Birthday. In between those two days we have 3 other family birthdays!! So my husband still loves tie dye! I guess it’s pretty cool but he would really love to have tie dyed sheets like we were back in College?! The closest to that he is going to get is tie dyed cookies and a tie dye birthday cake! I’m mean seriously tie dye sheets? …. not going to happen! Below is this years tie dye birthday cake!


(1) boxed cake mix – (white or yellow works the best) prepare cake according to the box.

(2) measure out 1/2 cup of the mixture and add to separate bowls.

(3) add food coloring to your mixture – colors are up to you! Mix the cake mix and coloring together.

(4) Add mixture to cake pan

(5) once all colors have been added take a toothpick and swirl the mixtures together!

(6) Bake cake according to pan size and directions on box.


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