Ten on Ten ~ A little of what I was up to today

Ten on Ten project was started over at a little bit of sunshine.   Basically, you are documenting your day in pictures – 10 pictures on the 10th of every month.  We are all so busy these days so one day it’s nice to make yourself focus on what you were doing that one day …..

Here’s how my day went…..

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Coffee …… new creamer flavor this morning.  I’ve really need my coffee this past week …. my patient hasn’t been sleeping through the night and is making for some long days at work this week. 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

finally ordered our new storm door!  We lost the last one in a winter wind storm …. notice the one light?  The door took off the light and sheared my flag pole right off along with mangling the old storm dorm!  So I’m up early and showered with my coffee waiting for the door installer’s to arrive!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

My new best friend …… I’m spring cleaning!  All walls, baseboards, floor being washed.  It’s a challenging task … working doesn’t allow me a lot of time to keep up so instead of stressing out I’m taking a couple of rooms each day.  Today, I tackled the stairs and entrance way.  3 rooms down ….. Too many more to go =(



The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Breakfast with the iPad and homemade Oreo cookie!  Like I said it’s all about the calories 😉  Check out the homemade Oreo cookies recipe.


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

12:30 today she said I’m starving!  So she actually wanted food today!!!  So, we went up to DQ and she  drank her whole slushie and 1/2 hotdog!  Woo Hoo!  The most she has eaten in a week!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

Feeling a little better tonight….. all I heard was clomping coming from upstairs someone was digging in my shoe closet …. I’m glad her energy is coming back!  Forgot, I even had these shoes! haha!  See how much I get out anymore!


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com


after eating 1/2 her grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for dinner I figured she was up for a treat…  mommy treated her to Menchies! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

1/2 way through her yogurt treat she put her head down ….. her throat hurt too bad to finish.  I feel so bad for her!  She’s been such a trooper but having your tonsils out is no fun!! 


The Preppy Strawberry www.thepreppystrawberry.com

I felt bad she didn’t want her ice cream ….  I bought her some menchies pins for her backpack.  That got me a smile! 


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (Blu-Ray) Blu-ray



Then we ended up watching our favorite American girl movie ….. 


 ten on ten button







Homemade Oreo Cookies


Yesterday, while we were waiting at the Doctors office  for a Lilly’s follow up appointment I was scrolling through instagram and stumbled upon a picture of these cookies!  I saw these cookies posted on 733 blogs instagram feed and Lilly was big eye’s “Oh I want those , can we make them”  – Her first question was are the soft cookies – yes, they are soft!  She was pretty excited so we stop at the grocery store for a few items.  She is still on  soft diet as she recovers from having her tonsils out last week.   

We are finding it challenging this week for finding “soft foods” that she’s interested in eating!  At this point she’s lost close to 8 lbs and my daughter didn’t have 5 lbs to lose!  So any calories that we can get into her – I’m willing to do whatever!  So if its cookies – it will be cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

So last night, I whipped up some homemade Oreo cookies!   You can find the recipe over at Chef In Training – right here

IMG_1630 REV



Stenciled Tote Bag


{Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea}

Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at my daughters school.   My original idea for teacher appreciation gifts completely changed because my daughter is still out of school recovering from having her tonsils removed last week. 

I always try to get the teacher something useful instead of something that just become clutter – My mom has taught school for over 23 years and I remember growing up all of the apple coffee mugs that were in our cupboard!  LOTS! 

My original plan was to put something small together each day and send to school – something fun but something to let her teacher know how much she is appreciated!  Can you imagine having 25 six and seven year olds every day!!  Yikes!!

The tote bag is the perfect size for an every day purse, a tote bag to toss your iPad, nook, or kindle in along with some note pads etc.  Or for a school teacher toss in your papers to grade, your lesson planner and misc. school items!

The bags caught my eye and I had them in my cart last month but ended up putting them back because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them? Other than I thought they were adorable!  Then a few days later this image was in my pinterest stream …. So you know where I went right?  There as my idea and I went back for my bags! 

The Apple Tag on the bag was a free printable form dimple prints.

I created my stencil on my cricut using freezer paper and then I stenciled each bag with everyone’s first initials. 


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


I think the bags turned out super cute!  I even made one for myself to start – just incase I didn’t like it at least I would be stuck with my initial 😉


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}

This one I made for my mom – my Mom teaches 3rd grade and is also the after school teacher.  Lilly goes to after school almost every day because I work so we also gave Nana a teacher appreciation gift. 


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


Lilly’s teachers bag …..


Stenciled Tote Bags {The Preppy Strawberry}


Tag – printable from dimple prints

bag idea: Uncommon designs

Need some more teacher appreciation gift ideas?  Check out my pinterest teacher appreciation board.

We have one more teacher surprise but …. that will have to wait!  Stay tuned!

Happy Crafting!






Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas

This week is teacher appreciation week and today I’m sharing with you the class door idea that I did last night.  The PTA theme this week was The Hollywood Walk of Fame week so I stuck with the Hollywood theme for her door.  


Teacher Appreciation Door Idea {The Preppy Strawberry}

Hollywood theme door – I found all the fun Hollywood stuff at Party Max. 

(sorry the picture is so bad – the hallway lighting was awful!)



up close shots of the door and decorations – each student was on a gold star and then we had different Hollywood theme pictures.  I put on the envelope the teachers name. 


Need some more inspiration for Teacher Appreciation check out my round up below.  Here are some other cute Teacher Appreciation Door ideas!  Click here for more door ideas.


How cute are the pinterest themed door!  Super cute idea especially for a teacher that is addicted pinterest! 


How cute is the recipe card door!  What a cute idea! 




I love the App door! 






{DIY} Terra Cotta Jewelry Tower


Terra Cotta Pot Jewlery Stand {The Preppy Strawberry}




I saw this idea last summer on pinterest and I knew I had to try it!  It’s  pretty easy craft  it just takes some time to complete the steps. 


Here’s what you will need: 

Terra cotta potsyou pick the sizes!  I picked mine up at Joann’s fabrics

craft paint –  choose any color you want for the base.  I used the Joann’s brand paint. 

White, Black, and Brown Paintto create the antique washed look on my project. 

clear coat glaze sprayyou can find this with the spray paint

Gorilla glue or crazy glueI used gorilla glue.


Terra Cotta Pot Jewlery Stand {The Preppy Strawberry}

Picture of my small gray stand – this one I use in my kitchen for change and well as you can see in the pictures below just about anything thing lands on this stand!


1. First step is to glue your pieces together.  I used the hole in the center of the pot to mark the tray for the center. 

2.  Let the glue dry before you start painting

3. Paint your pots with your base color – I used two or three coats.  You will need to be the judge. 

4.  Once my paint dried I started the antiquing process.  First I used white.  You will want to squirt the white into a cup of water – then paint the wash on your stand.  Then take a paper towel and wipe the paint around.  Let this dry and then repeat with the brown or black – your choice.  I used brown as my next wash layer.  You can repeat as necessary to create the perfect look! 

5.  Once it has dried you will want to spray your stand with a clear glaze to give it a finished look! 



Terra Cotta Pot Jewlery Stand {The Preppy Strawberry}

Finished example of my jewelry stand that I have on my dresser



Terra Cotta Pot Jewlery Stand {The Preppy Strawberry}


My mini stand that I use in my kitchen – I think I need a bigger one?! What do you think? Terra Cotta Pot Jewlery Stand {The Preppy Strawberry}

link to idea …

Happy Crafting!


Sunday Share



The Preppy Strawberry



It’s been a whirl wind of a week around our house this past week.  Beginning of the week was me working extra hours so I could be off Thursday and Friday.   Thursday morning my 6 year old daughter had her tonsils removed, a new set of tubes put in and her adenoids cleaned up again.  So it’s been a challenging few nights – the days seem to better than the nights.  So needless to say, I’m pretty exhausted.  I’m hoping that we round this corner soon and she starts to get comfortable and perk back up! 

It’s was an early morning and I’ve been sitting here with my laptop while she is sleeping on the couch and I’m  tossing ideas for my next post.  At the point of exhaustion I decided just to share with you some pictures from last week. 

Yesterday, I had a pre-Cinco de Mayo lunch for the family – all the grandparents came to visit Lilly yesterday and I made lunch.  We had pulled pork tacos, corn bread, corn salsa and guacamole.  In the busy day, I took zero pictures of lunch but then again I’m not a very good at taking pictures of food (something I would like to work on) plus, staging food while you are entertaining is challenging!


Cinco de Mayo – Margarita Cake

I highly recommend this cake …. I’ve made it several times for Craft Club and it’s amazing!  I didn’t make this yesterday but figured it was a great time to share this cake! 

Click on Photo for Recipe ..




So here’s my weekly recap in pictures …..


photo (130)


Throw back ….. While I was working this week I saw this gem in the parking lot of one of my stores!  I had this exact car in the 90’s – 1990 red Toyota Celica – I loved this car!  It was the first car that I bought and had my first car loan on.  My friends always bring up the car and talk about all the crazy times of where the Celica took us … 

My first car was a Buick Skyhawk that my Dad bought me when I turned 16 and then I had a car accident and my 2nd car that I had the first few years of college was a Camaro and after that I bought my Toyota Celica. 

What was your first car? 


photo (129)

Pre- Surgery treat – Menchies Frozen Yogurt


photo (128)

Nervously waiting for us to be called back …… One thing that never gets easy as many times as we’ve had to put her through new tubes, adenoids is sending your child back for surgery!  My nerves have been on edge since we scheduled this surgery! 


photo (127)


Look how cute Boo is?  They even brought Boo a surgical cap …. 


photo (126)


Very thankful that she can write – she’s been writing me notes because her throat hurts …  She wanted me to get her lego’s  –


photo (125)

I bought her Smash book to write in ….. last night she drew me a “pudol” or poodle.  Isn’t the “pudol” cute?  I love how she made the poodle’s hair look curly!


Have a fabulous week! 



Recycled Flower Garden

Happy Earth Day!


Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Today, I’m sharing with you a little project that we’ve been working on this past week – Recycled Flower Garden.  I did this project a few years ago and you can read that post here.  It’s so funny to look back and see how little my daughter was but then again she was only four years old!

I remember how much fun she enjoyed planting the flowers and decorating the cans that I decided we would try it again!  This time I did things a little bit different….


So here’s what I started with … 


Just some empty soup, sauce, and some tuna fish cans – pretty simple recycling project for Earth Day!


Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Supplies for the project: 

Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}


This time we painted the cans and then she went back and added some details (my little artist) 

Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Adding some detail …. I love the polka dots! 😉


This time we added some fun recycled water bottle flowers to the garden until the flowers grow! I think they turned out so cute!

Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Recycled Water bottles – all you need to do is cut the one end off and then cut up and make your petals.  Once you have the petals cut just pull them back and bend the plastic to shape your flowers.  You can find lots of tutorials on how to make the flowers on pinterest. 


Here are few different examples of different ways to make recycled water bottle flowers. 

Crissy’s Crafts – modge podge flowers

Danielle’s Space – Recycled water bottle patio lights

Oopsie Maize – recycled water bottle flowers



Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}Waiting for the cans and flowers to dry …..  after they dried I added a clear glaze to the flower and the containers. 


IMG_1592  REV

We filled the cans with potting soil and then Lilly planted the flowers she picked out

Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Once the flowers dried, I hot glued a wooden skewer to the back of the lid.  Yes, you will want to keep the lids!  Then I filled the center with a white pom pom  to make the center of the flower. 

Another good use for Washi Tape-  I covered my skewer with green/white chevron washi tape to give it a green stem look.  I also cut out of my water bottles .. the ends that I cut off.  I created leaves out of the extra pieces then I glued the leaves onto the skewers. 


Recycled Flower Garden {The Preppy Strawberry}

Welcome to our Recycled Flower Garden!






Another week has come and gone and here we are again another InstaFriday!  Or Sunday since I’m few days late with my post! 

So here is my instagram in a week snapshot….


Are you on instagram?  You can find me here on instagram



{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Last Saturday we spent the morning in Cleveland and we had some time to go shopping … I lived in Cleveland for over 10 years and one of my favorite things to do was go to the West Side Market on the weekends.  I love shopping here and miss being so close …..

{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/



{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Above picture … My favorite restaurant in walking distance from the Market.  I always would stop for hummus to go if we were not stooping to eat lunch. 

{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

So last Sunday marked the start of a lot of things….. So now I’m officially 2 weeks and not one Diet Coke! Yes, I’ve given it up! Along with giving up Diet Coke, I started a new diet or way of eating healthier!  Let’s just say all the changes are working last week .. I lost 7lbs!  Let’s just hope week two goes as well or that I survive it!  The hardest part for me is I went with ZERO desserts or sugar last week!  So my food blogging friends – you are killing me with all the YUMMY desserts but I keep pinning and maybe one day soon I will break down and try a new dessert! 😉 

{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Just a fitting quote for a lot of things right now … my changes in my diet along with some fears I need to put behind me for some business decisions I need to start to make! 

{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/While I was walking the aisles at Target killing some time the other day my eye was caught by this journal book…..  I need o start putting my ideas down and well this just seemed fitting. 




{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Well, my 6 year old received her first note from a little boy at school and this was what I was handed when I picked her up at after school last week.  I have to just laugh such innocent but boy was she embarrassed when I asked her!  she also informed me she was also writing him notes and well then she said she wrote back “We are done”  … that lasted a long time! lol

{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

A picture of us waiting at the ENT office ….  last week we found out Lilly will need her tonsils out!  So May 2nd we will be heading to the hospital to have them removed – hopefully this helps her! 


{The Preppy Strawberry}    http://thingamajigetc.blogspot.com/

Can you guess what the picture above is?  Well, it’s the start to Birthday Party #7!  Lilly picked American Girl as her party theme so I’m in full swing of party planning!  Pictured above are mini plates, placemat, and cup for The American Girl Dolls. 


life rearranged









Earth Day Activities


Earth Day Ideas {The Preppy Strawberry}



Earth Day is just around the corner and I’m sharing with you some fun recycled projects and cool earth day treats!    

We love using recycled items from our house to make new things ….  Here are a few projects that I’ve made from recycled items and some new project ideas I found on Pinterest that you might be interested in trying for Earth Day!

In fact this weekend, I have a project ready to start using some recycled items….. blog post coming soon!


What will you be recycling for Earth Day? 




Recycled Egg Carton Wreath {The Preppy Strawberry}

Recyecled Egg Carton Wreath {The Preppy Strawberry}

Recycled Scrapbooks {The Preppy Strawberry}

Recycled Scrapbook pages {The Preppy Strawberry}



Stained Glass Planet Earth{ Mom On a Time Out}

Stained Glass Planted Earth { Mom on Timeout} #EarthDay




  Globe Luminary {Twig and Toadstool}IMG_1765

Recycled Can Center Piece {Dollar Store Crafts}



Recycled Can Lid Plant Markers


Earth Day Cupcakes {Bird on a cake}


Earth Day Cupcakes 7 logo

Rainbow Earth Marshmallow Pops

{The Decorated Cookie}